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Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren

Euro Manchetten & Compensatoren


5171PM Kaatsheuvel

Production of custom made quick connect bellows for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Solutions in different coulings and materials suitable for many applications
Agent off Filcoflex Surefit products. Quick-connect couplings for Jacob, KMH and Noro tubesystems. Also connections suitable for Triclamp and Sterivalve couplings
Als manufacturer of multibags and filterbags for dust and airfiltration.


Product news

  • Increased Quality Standards for Flexible Connectors

    Polyurethane is often used in the Foodstuffs industry, an industry that is always submit to increasing quality standards and norms.
    Processes and products undergo strict tests and controls, which means all the links have to add up to create a strong chain. Links include machines and the end product, but also what is in between; such as the materials that come into contact with the product.

    Where a declaration for food safety from the supplier used to be enough, Euro Manchetten decided to take it to the next step. This step was having several PU's tested by an independent institution; TNO Triskelion used migration tests to investigate PU from several sources. During these tests the influence of several situations such as heating or pressure on the material is tested by checking how the consistency has changed.

    Our Polyurethane was the only PU with positive test results. This means all materials are compliant to FDA and ECC 1935/2004 regulations.
    To be able to guarantee this quality to our customers in the future we implemented a traceability program that allows us to guarantee that every batch is made according to the exact same formula as the tested batch.
    Upon request we can provide a full guarantee 3.1 certificate accompanied by a Standard Operations Manual and a retractability program that allows us to go 10 years back.
    Furthermore, we have acces to a clean production facility where products for foodstuff industries are solely produced to prevent cross contamination.