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3871MR Hoevelaken

Gericke BV belongs to the Swiss Gericke AG group of companies almost 120 years involved in the design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of powder processing equipment and turn-key systems. Strategic business groups comprise dosing- and weighing systems, dense phase pneumatic conveying, mixing installations and size control equipment thereby focussing on tailor-made processing systems meeting client specific demands and specifications. Group companies in the Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, USA, Brazil, Singapore and China employ approx. 300 people. 


Product news

  • EvenDos®: Accurate Feeding and Even Distribution – 2 Tasks, 1 Machine

    Increasing cost pressure especially in the production of consumer goods, in combination with
    higher complexity of recipes and production result in new requirements to processes and
    machines. By integrating two normally separated production steps into one machine
    investments can be reduced as well as space requirements.


  • For small headroom: Pneumatic Dense phase Conveying System Gericke PTA/PHF 20

    The advantages of pneumatic dense phase conveying systems are well known. Minimum air
    consumption, high product loading and throughput, little wear on the piping and preserving
    the product quality.
    Pressure vessels require in general a certain height to be installed, which is not always
    available. As an alternative, rotary valves are used, with all negative side effects as air
    leakage, wear and product attrition.
    Gericke has developed a small conveying pressure vessel, which, with its 20 liter volume,
    requires only the headroom of 660 mm!


  • Save Cleaning Time with Gericke‘s FEEDOS® S Feeder

    Above all, precision feeding devices for bulk materials should feed accurately and consistently.
    For economic use, the availability of the devices over the life cycle is crucial. Downtimes,
    maintenance intervals, malfunctions and high cleaning costs reduce the productive service life
    of a feeding unit and thus increase the production costs.
    The new screw feeder Gericke FEEDOS® S is a completely new launch of an innovative device
    generation and covers the output range of 0.5 to 500 liters / hour. Flanges for the integration
    of the device into the production plant are standardized in 2 variants. Feeding chamber, feeding
    tool and intromitter were developed and extensively tested for different product characteristics.
    All elements can be easily disassembled and removed for cleaning.
    Safety by Design urges our developers on. The aim is to implement the principles of integrated
    hygiene, user friendliness and process reliability, without complicated mechanical solutions.
    Simplicity is the key and the basis for the economic feeding process. Test equipment is
    available at Gericke. The new Gericke FEEDOS® series marks a milestone in the history of
    feeding technology.


  • Extractable HR Rotary Valve

    The new HR rotary valve comes with a wide range of specification options with easy manual handling functionality, achieved with sturdy linear rail configuration and tapered rotor geometry.

    Value engineered the HR includes a patented adjustment arrangement which enables precision and secure rotor adjustment and setting. The new rotary valve enables safe manual handling in an easy, flexible and economic solution.

    Fast and simple removal of rotor
    The design also takes advantage of Rota Val’s proven tapered rotor configuration, with the rotor shaft having been tailored to suit purpose-made seals, which ensure reliable extraction and insertion. Just one spanner is required for simple rotor removal.

    The basic specification of the HR rotary valve is suited for most production processes, being easily configured with several options.

    • Direct or chain drive
    • Drop or blow through options
    • Sizes 125 mm to 300 mm
    • ATEX option
    • Polished internal option
    • FDA approved materials option
    • Detection sensing with RotaSafeTM for fast stop due to rotor to housing contact

    The HR rotary valve is just one of a number of valve types available. Experienced Rota Val engineers are happy to assist in the specification of the best valve for each application.

    Rota Val is part of the Gericke Group and has been manufacturing rotary and diverter valves for over 40 years and has a well-established and proven history within the bulk handling industry.