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Dir/active - ITRANSPORT®

Dir/active - ITRANSPORT®


5048CD Tilburg

The webapplication iTransport® allows hospitals to efficiently carry out transport, logistic, cleaning and security duties. This for transportation and other tasks IN the hospital and transportation FROM or TO the hospital. (for instance a non-urgent patient transport for examination or treatment in another hospital).

iTransport® integrates all these tasks for different teams and/or occupations in one and the same platform. All users are able to see a clear real-time representation of the status of the tasks. This enables the hospital to improve the quality of transportation and to optimize the available capacity (both qualitatively and quantitatively). iTransport® links all parties that are involved with the task (applicants and executors). iTransport® can assign all tasks automatically. Manual intervention in this automatic process is possible, but normally not necessary.

iTransport® can create extensive reports, analyzes and overviews for management information. These documents can be used to objectively judge the quality and targets of logistics and hotel services. The management information satisfies to the requirement of the regulations regarding traceability.

iTransport® is available with licenses and accordant the SAAS-model (Software As A Service). The software can also be hosted by dir/Active BV (certified) which ensures optimal performance, maintenance and support.