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HENALLUX FoRS Paramédical

1. Missions and values of the FoRS Paramedical Centre

For the past 10 years, the mission of FoRS paramédical has been to stimulate, create and coordinate continuing training, research and service projects.
Training and research units exist and collaborate closely within each category of the Haute École.

Continuing education is a real professionalization tool to meet the expectations and needs of health professionals, legislation and the missions of the Hautes Écoles.
Beyond the acquisition of new knowledge and business skills, continuous training promotes and develops:
- thoughtful and reflective practice,
- Communication, dissemination and transfer of skills within the work environment,
- Responsibility, autonomy and professional identity.

2. An adult education approach

Our training courses are oriented towards adult education. Adult pedagogy or andragogy proposes some very particular characteristics that we aim to develop in each training:
- Building on learners' experience for experiential pedagogy
- Giving meaning to learning
- Focus more on problem solving in interdisciplinarity than on content
- Ensure organizational flexibility

Complex problems require an interdisciplinary approach that we work through each training with different types of pedagogy including simulation pedagogy.

The interests of pedagogy through simulation are numerous and allow the development of different skills:
- Technical skills: scenario experimentation allows the acquisition and/or improvement of technical procedures, care procedures,... in a reproducible way, without risk to the patient. It also makes it possible to induce certain complications that would be far too dangerous to cause in reality.
- Personal skills such as planning, decision-making...
- Interpersonal skills such as leadership development, communication or teamwork.

3. FoRS 2018-2019 project offer

FoRS for Continuing Education, Research and Development and Corporate Services.

3.1 Continuing education offer
The offer is directly linked to the new political and social directives requiring an optimal quality need for health professionals by developing disciplinary skills but also communication skills in interdisciplinarity, to "reason together" in the
service of "taking care" of a particular patient.

Our training courses are focused on the fields of care, the environment, organisation, prevention and health.
You will find on the website (https://services.henallux.be/fors/paramedical/index.php) the continuing training courses classified around 4 themes:
* Management and Pedagogy in Health and Care
* Quality and patient safety in interdisciplinarity
* Quality and safety of mother and child
* Training for sterilization auxiliaries, caregivers and family assistants
* Colloquium and conference days.

You will also find the legal framework, the target audience, official recognition (FPS Public Health; titles and qualifications, Federal Council of Midwives, functional complement for managers, carers, nursing home director, AFCN, INAMI, etc.) and the content of training.

3.2 Services within your institutions
Some training courses can be organised on request within your institutions. We are also at your service to create them, tailor-made, according to your needs.
The project is created in collaboration and interdisciplinarity between the FoRS centre and your own expectations and needs.
Recognition is required according to the training courses such as the functional complement for managers, continuing training for managers of nursing homes, home care, carers.

3.3 Research, development and innovation
We are also at your service to assist you in research projects within your institutions.

We are currently involved in two projects with Belgian, European and Moroccan academic partnerships and healthcare institutions
- PFS Ares : South Training Project within the framework of the Arès development cooperation: "MADER - Strengthening the skills of health professionals in Morocco through a training program certifying in management and resource development"
- Zero waste... or almost; financed by Arès and AE creation of an operational unit in sustainable development within the university to encourage behaviour that reduces waste production within the university
- Chair of Primary Health Care - Gathering researchers from 3 universities (UCL, ULG, ULB) and 3 universities (HENALLUX, HE Léonard De Vinci, HE Libre Bruxelles)
The objective of the Chair is to support interdisciplinary scientific research that strengthens primary care in order to:
- give more visibility to primary care in research and teaching
- encourage and support visioning, research and innovation in primary care
- encourage networking between universities and colleges, between all interested parties, between the Communities of Belgium and at international level