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8540 Deerlijk

Q-viva is a Belgian laboratory focused on promoting probiotic products for personal care.

After more than 15 years of research in the field of stabilisation of external probiotics, Q-viva is able to present an innovative range of probiotic personal care products. Due to the probiotics or “good bacterias”, our products are 100% natural and create a healthy and balanced microflora.

The first product launched is the Q-viva Allergen Spray which is deactivating the allergens omnipresent in all kinds of textiles at home. The vision behind this product is to offer a new and efficient solution for inhalation allergy, a widespread disease affecting 1 out of 3 persons. After application of the Q-viva Allergen Spray, the good bacteria start cutting up/disintegrating/attacking the allergens, such as dust mite excrements, animal skin or fur, mould spores and pollen. In that way Q-viva Allergen Spray lowers drastically the number of allergic triggers and patients are able stay below their symptoms threshold.

By creating a healthier and more stable environment we will be able to reduce over time the allergic diseases. Hence our moto: Prevention is better than cure.