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As a specialized ICT solution integrator PHI DATA® helps customers with the digital transformation of their supply chain, work floor and field operations, based on innovative Automatic Identification technologies and the Industrial Internet Of Things. All kinds of companies in industry, value added logistics and transport, retail, healthcare, administration, utilities and services successfully use our solutions. For over 35 years, PHI DATA® has occupied a leading position within this continuously developing market by maintaining high quality standards and a customer-oriented approach. While placing the users and their environment at the heart of our solutions, we also ensure the efficient integration of our solutions into the customer’s ICT ecosystem and provide appropriate service and support programmes.
You can find more information at http://www.phidata.be


Product news

  • Jan Yperman Hospital: 'Accreditation offers only advantages'

    The Jan Yperman Hospital in Ypres has achieved accreditation according to the standards of Joint Commission International (JCI). This means the hospital is setting high standards. No less than 1,113 measurable aspects are tested against the JCI standards by a team of JCI auditors. We have asked Norman Cleenewerck, Head of Biotechnology at the Jan Yperman Hospital, what the added value of such accreditation is and what role PHI DATA has played exactly in the improvement of quality.


  • AZ Jan Palfijn chooses Intelligent asset management

    PHI DATA implemented a barcode scanning system for the marking, inventorying and tracking of unique objects using barcodes at AZ Jan Palfijn in Ghent. This solution includes hardware, labels and licences, as well as the implementation and linking with the existing asset management system.


  • Asster - PHI DATA provides solution for emergencies and temperature monitoring in psychiatric hospital Asster

    Asster was looking for a solution to increase security on the psychiatric ward for children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old. The system enables staff to quickly and easily alert their colleagues in case of an emergency. The appliance had to be comfortable and reliable and ensure highly accurate localisation.
    PHI DATA implemented a RTLS solution, fitting the ward’s staff with Stanley Healthcare tags. The T3 tags are compact and supplied with an active RFID chip. PHI DATA integrated the RTLS technology in Asster's WiFi systems. When staff members trigger the alarm button on their tag, its location is determined within 5 metre accuracy limits by triangulation. Due to the difficult measurement conditions in the padded isolation cells, the choice was made to use exciters which show exactly whether the staff member has triggered the alarm from within or outside of the cell.


  • AZ Maria Middelares - IDhospitalSupply: more efficient internal logistics thanks to scanning solution

    PHI DATA introduced a barcode system for the identification of the wards and the individual items. These are registered via handheld scanners with tailor-made software. Per scan a text file is generated, which is read in the central administrative ERP system via a USB connection to a PC. If a shelf is empty, the warehouse worker scans the barcode of the shelf, and that code is loaded into the ERP system. In doing so, the warehouse workers know quickly and without errors which ward needs which products.


  • PHI DATA's stray prevention system stops patients from wandering around Inkendaal Rehabilitation Hospital

    PHI DATA proposed a stray prevention solution to Inkendaal based on RFID tags by Stanley Healthcare. This involves patients with a tendency to wander off, to be fitted with a wristband containing a tag. If they move too closely within the proximity of the antennas near the double automatic sliding door, the door remains closed. At the same time, the solution sends a signal to the supervisor, who can then intercept and accompany the patient at the door. The doors will open without intervention for untagged patients and visitors. Should a patient with a tag manage to pass through the mantrap doors, for instance by slipping through with visitors, an alarm will sound.