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Centre Ressources Lésion Cérébrale

Centre Ressources Lésion Cérébrale


5030 Gembloux

The CRLC in the Walloon Region is a specific initiative subsidized by the AViQ, specializing in the particular problems of brain injured people.

It is an independent place of help, support, training, information, advice and guidance. The brain injured and their loved ones can use it at different times in their life and care. The various institutions and structures, general and specific, affected by brain injury can also address it.

Our missions for brain injured people and their families

- Welcome, support and listening
The brain injured and / or their loved ones are received at the CRLC and can file their story with professionals who will provide support and listening.

- Demand analysis
Requests can be very diverse: search for accommodation or day center, search for occupational activities or resumption of employment, socio-administrative issues, ... Depending on the request, the team decides on the stakeholder (s). more suitable for a first meeting.

- Analysis of available resources
With the person or family, the CRLC analyzes both the person's abilities and the financial, material and socio-family resources.

- Orientation within the network
By its knowledge of the network, the CRLC has the ability to orient the person according to their demand and available resources.

- Information on brain injury
CRLC professionals can provide information on brain injury in general or on specific aspects related to the person with brain injury. A document base is also under construction and can be consulted on site.

Our missions for professionals

- Supervision
Explanation of the brain lesion and help to apprehend situations related to brain injury, shared analysis of concrete situations and search for intervention strategy.

- Training
Training built according to the specific request of the third party service.

- Support in the orientation process
Search for the most appropriate orientation depending on the sequelae.

- Connecting professionals
Collaboration with industry professionals and common reflection on particular issues. For example, creating specific technical tools.

Our missions for the general public

- Information and awareness
The CRLC participates in fairs, symposiums and other events to raise the awareness of a wider and more varied public.

- Document database
A documentary base (scientific literature, medical books, life stories, brochures, ...) in constant evolution is available to anyone interested in brain injury.

- Conferences and theme nights
All public events organized by the CRLC can be found on the Agenda page. You will also find some events organized by other professionals or associations.