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8770 Ingelmunster

Haelvoet has been manufacturing medical and nursing home furniture since 1931. High quality and a finishing touch have always been key elements in our production process. Thanks to our long and broad experience, we have grown into a unique production company with an excellent know-how of wood, metal and fabrics.
Each piece of furniture is unique and offers both the patient and nursing staff a perfect balance between design, quality and ergonomics.

Product news

  • Maison Vésale - Brussels

    This new, specialized nursing home focuses on people with dementia or a similar condition. Located in the center of Brussels, this center can accommodate 128 residents.
    Maison Vesale wants its residents to feel as much as possible “at home”, both through its architecture and by its professional approach and expert guidance. Haelvoet is pleased to be a partner in this beautiful project and provided the 128 new rooms of an Olympia Soft bed, Quadra Care bedside tables and Domus relax seats. The recreation rooms were furnished with Lima and Egg chairs and Sisto and Square tables.
    Architect: ETAU architectes (http://www.etau.be)
    Scope of the project : 128 rooms + public areas