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Pinmeto AB

Pinmeto AB


21126 Malmö

PinMeTo turns online views into in store visits! We have created marketing technologies for multi location businesses to reach local customers and drive in store sales from online platforms. We increase visibility and discoverability by leveraging the biggest search engines, map services, and social media platforms to ensure that your local stores can always be found online.

Supported networks include Facebook, Google, Instagram, Apple, Foursquare, Twitter, Pinterest and thousands of other directories, apps and online services people use to find local businesses.

Product news

  • O'Learys increases Google views by 470% using PinMeTo

    O’Learys, a global chain of sports restaurants with locations in 13 countries wanted to take control of it’s online presence and engage local fans. Not only did O’Learys understand the value of having all of their locations published on the largest social networks, maps, and search engines, they took things one step further and cultivated their local audiences with custom, relevant content. The results are staggering.


  • Scandic's individual hotels generate over 100,000 views on Google every single day!

    Using PinMeTo technology Scandic took control of their digital presence and ensured that each and every hotel is properly branded, has correct contact information, and shows up in searches across multiple search, maps and social media networks.