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Contour Design



Contour Design is a global leader in the development, research, and design of ergonomic computer input devices such as RollerMouse and Unimouse. Our goal is to provide the best ergonomic input device for each and every one working in front of a computer.

At Contour Design, we offer our customers a better way of working. We believe that when you feel better your focus increases, allowing you to be more productive. Our goal is to provide the best ergonomic solution for each and every one who works in front of a PC. We incorporate people’s differences, behavior, and habits into superior design. Ergonomics is not a single solution, but rather a combination of effective well-designed equipment, variation, flexibility, and good habits. Our award-winning ergonomic mouse alternatives are the result of almost two decades of research, development, and design initiative.

Come and visit our booth to see and test our products. You can also try our products free of charge for 14 days at www.contourdesign.fi or contact us at finland@contour-design.com / 020 730 4020