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Columbia Road is a digital commerce and marketing consultancy, and part of the Futurice group. We help companies increase their revenue and get more customers in the digital era. We can help you with digital strategy, omni-channel customer experience, ecommerce & digital sales channels and digital marketing (SEO, SEM, marketing automation). www.columbiaroad.com

Product news

  • Why and How to Create a Customer Journey Map - Download Free Template

    Start mapping your customers' journey with this easy-to-use template. A customer's journey is one of the key items any business should be interested in. By mapping your business' customer journeys you'll be able to pin-point pain spots and areas of success, both for your customers and within your organization. Take a step towards creating an innovative customer experience that adds value to your business and feels valued by your customers. Today is a good day to start.

    By downloading this template you'll get:
    A six step guided example of one customer journey
    An empty template for you to fill in with your business' customer journey


  • B2B Customer Journey Mapping - Start with these 5 steps

    Customer journey mapping is typically associated with B2C players although it is as critical in B2B settings. According to many studies (e.g. McKinsey&Company) B2B customer experience is lagging behind retail customer experience and this gap is becoming ever wider. B2B customers’ expectations are rising as business buyers’ expectations are shaped by their shopping experiences as consumers. As a result, the buyers are expecting same kind of experiences in B2B interactions.

    However, when we compare B2B and B2C buyers, we can still see significant differences in their customer journeys. Even though business customers are expecting better and better experiences, their behaviour is guided by different motives and limitations than in the B2C setting. It is important to understand these unique characteristics of B2B buyers to fully understand and optimize their customer journeys.

    Our customer journey map template can be used for mapping B2B customer journeys but we want to underline some points that need special attention in the B2B setting. These steps will help you to start customer journey mapping with your business’ customers.