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SecuryCast Oy

SecuryCast Oy


02150 ESPOO

SecuryCast Oy is a privately owned software company which was founded 2003. Our office is in Otaniemi, Espoo. We are the oldest and most experienced operating company in the field of mobile services in Finland. Our main business areas in brief are:

Mobile services

SMS services, mobile services (apps/html5), mobile payment solutions, service numbers and multichannel service concepts, mobile internet billing and SMS billing services.

Payment services

SecuryCast provides easy to use payment solutions for online and mobiles services. The consumer can pay using mobile payment (IP/Carrier billing), online bank, credit card, SMS, promotion code or invoice. Our service detects the type of the consumer's device (phone, tablet or desktop) and adjusts the user interface accordingly. We also provide services which are directly integrated to the customer's service.

Digital services

SecuryCast provides turnkey solutions for online music, karaoke, audiobook and e-book download services. We also provide digital content distribution interface services.