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Optiscan Group provides solutions for warehousing, fieldwork and logistics based on Voice, RFID and barcode technology for enhancing material and data flows, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our solutions link operational systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or WMS (Warehouse Management System) to the process execution level, enabling real-time instructions and automatic feedback from operations to back-end-systems.

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We help companies to achieve improved efficiency and productivity by offering solutions for management of warehouse logistics and field personnel. Our solutions are built on the following technologies:

> Optiscan Abakus solutions
> Pick by voice
> Barcodes
> Mobile computers
> Scanners
> Printers
> SOTI Device Management

Optiscan’s solutions boost the efficiency of warehouses, production and field mobility. OptiCare™ services guarantee that projects are performed successfully and the delivered solution is efficiently utilized. Optiscan Group operates in the Nordics countries, the Baltics and Russia, and the company employs over 60 professionals.


Product news


    Omni-channel retailing customers are seeking for complete logistics and distribution solutions allowing customers to concentrate on their brand, product range, purchasing and sales instead of focusing on where to buy and what will be the delivery method.

    Main focus of e-commerce is on global fulfillment and total e-commerce supply chain, delivery from production scene, through warehouse and fulfillment to end consumer, and return back, if needed.

    eCommerce and omni-channel logistics are rapidly developing and have a strong impact on traditional supply chains. Nowadays consumers have the opportunity to make purchases via the web, mobile devices, catalogs and retail stores. Witnessing the ongoing change, Optiscan Group decided to draw your attention to Omni-Channel Logistics and eCommerce.

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    Intersport Finland Ltd wants to offer its online customers the same service experience as the high street shop customers get. To deliver this customer promise, Intersport has launched a solution that will control operations in the warehouse in real time and integrate different background systems into a single entity. The solution is the Abakus Warehouse system provided by Optiscan Oy.

    "Thanks to the Abakus system, all information systems in Intersport's online shop will always have real-time product quantity information both in the shops and in the warehouse." says Ilkka Saastamoinen, Head of E-Commerce, Intersport Finland Ltd. "This enables online shoppers to see in real time what products are available and in which sizes and colours. When the actual product quantities are known, online shopping orders can be delivered as requested. Situations where products are not available are significantly reduced, and the number of products returned remains low." says Mr Saastamoinen.

    Abakus is the core of Intersport's online shop logistics. It is a real-time warehouse and product management and inventory solution with which Intersport improves its customer service and makes warehouse operations more efficient from the point products arrive at a warehouse until they are delivered. Products arrive at Intersport's warehouse where they are received using barcodes with which the manufacturers or importers have identified the products. When products are received, the barcodes are scanned with handheld readers into the Abakus system, with the product quantity information in the warehouse updated into background systems...


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    Abakus Warehouse is a system with WMS functionalities designed for managing and tracking real-time warehouse operations. Abakus Warehouse is the right solution whether you are operating a single unit, several warehouses, cross-docking terminals or offer warehousing as a 3PL service.



    To ensure the quality and reliability of hardware solutions and guarantee you best choices of hardware support, we have established premium partnerships with world leading device manufacturers Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, Advantech-DLoG, Microscan and Enterprise Mobility Management industry leader SOTI.

    By continuously researching latest trends on the market our company strives to provide you the very best hardware solutions, expert services and technical support.