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At Consignor, we aim to support large as well as small companies in their Delivery Management making it easier, less time consuming and cheaper for them to deliver parcels to their customers. By developing and providing smart Delivery Management software, which includes all stages of shipment and delivery on just one platform, our customers get an integrated and sustainable delivery solution.

As the leading provider of Delivery Management solutions in the Nordic, Consignor combine in-depth knowledge of transportation and logistics with outstanding software architecture and design. We support more than 500 carriers, both international and domestic.

Our multi carrier platform, Consignor, creates more than 100 million shipments per year and makes it possible for more than 10,000 customers to choose the best solution for producing shipments, regardless of the carriers, ERP-system or E-commerce solution. We serve small web shop start-ups as well as group storage facilities handling more than 6,000 packages per hour.

Consignor operates in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, China and Romania. Employing more than 110 staff and revenues of NOK 100 million in 2014, we have grown to be the largest provider of Delivery Management systems in the Nordic region.


Product news

  • Consignor is world's largest carrier library!

    Thousands of logistic services ready integrated for you to use. Hundreds of LSPs to use with your ERP, WMS or webshop order flow (Integration is ready) and give best shipping alternatives for all your customers.


  • It is a fact: Consignor to support over 500 carrier - Worldwide

    Read more: http://www.consignor.fi/tuotteet/17-ratkaisut/35-consignor/


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