More than 100 conferences, theme-based workshops and live chat rooms to meet and chat with peers, and all this is free of charge!

In contrast to the traditional educational trade fairs, SETT is a content-driver event that is mainly based on the quality and the diversity of the conferences, and focused on sharing enriching experiences.

Over a period of two days, SETT will offer you more than one hundred conferences and theme-based workshops, as well as simulations and pilot studies.
You will also be able to discover all the latest evolutions in technology and IT, making learning and education future-proof.
Objectives: to discover how others do it, to exchange good practices, to talk with peers, and to gain valuable experiences from each other, in order to finally bring innovative teaching methods into school.

A programme geared to your reality and your challenges

In order to ensure that SETT programme is relevant to you, and closely matches your reality in the field of education, it is:

  • Widely inspired by the 'School Pilot Programmes' and by the 'Benchmark Competencies' defined by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Designed and developed in close collaboration with those in charge of education and continuous teacher training, with the major educational players and the experts in the field
  • Supervised by a Scientific Committee encompassing all educational networks

In addition, the SETT conferences and theme-based workshops are officially recognised as teacher training days by the Institute for Training and Careers (IFC).

... and discover soon the programme of SETT 2020


  • Inspirational keynote speakers with international recognition
  • 2 plenary meeting rooms able to accommodate 300 people

Theme-based workshops

  • Sharing good practices and real-life examples
  • Simulations and practical exercises
  • 5 workshop areas

Meet & Chat

  • Open discussions on very practical, true to life topics and of-the-shelf solution
  • Exchange of ideas, experiences, impressions
  • 3 chat rooms to meet & chat for groups of approx. 15 people