Programme overview

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Over 100 inspiring seminars, hands-on workshops and peer-to-peer meetings


In contrast to the traditional educational trade fairs, SETT is a content-driven event that is mainly based on the quality and the diversity of the conferences, and focused on sharing enriching experiences.

In two days, SETT will offer you more than hundred conferences and theme-based workshops, as well as simulations and pilot studies. You will also be able to discover all the latest evolutions in technology and IT, making learning and education future-proof.


Objectives: to discover how others do it, to exchange best practices, to talk to teacher colleagues, and to gain valuable experiences from each other, in order to finally bring innovative teaching methods into your school.

The SETT conference programme will be developed by experts Hans De Four (KlasCement & ICT-Praktijkdag) and EduNext vzw.

Network in Flanders

SETT Gent has the privilege to work together with many experts in the field of educational transformation and of technology in Flanders.


Hans De Four, founder of many projects like KlasCement & ICT-praktijkdag, is in charge of the technological part of our programme. His year-long experience and strong network allowed him to put together a programme that features the best experience-based speakers and hands-on workshops.

Edunext vzw is a not-for-profit association that brings together some of the best school transformation experts in Flanders. Apart from organising their own Leerfestival every year, they decided to be in charge of the transformational part of our programme. Discover schools that are in full transformation, and don't hesitate to focus on the great resultas as well as possible struggles.

Technopolis, the Flemish centre for science communication, is the most important voice in Flanders in introducing young people to sciences. As of this year, they will be organising their well-known STEM-dagen at SETT. Around 60 free workshops that focus on STEM and how to implement it in your classroom. 

Mediawijs, the Flemish knowledge centre for Digital and Media Literacy, helps people to use IT en media in a conscient, active and creative way. They will host workshops that focus on these topics in an educational context. Without a doubt the hottest topic when talking about digitalisation.

Furthermore, SETT Gent has installed an advisory board, constisting of teachers, school directors, and representatives of the major education networks in Flanders and educational non-profits.