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AV Marketing Finland - Vuze+ 4K VR 360 Live Broadcasting camera
The award-winning Vuze VR camera has now been supercharged with market leading optics, custom lenses and spatial audio that redefine storytelling with fully immersive, life-like VR experiences.
Asio-Data Oy - Asio Booking - Online demo.
Booking made easy with Asio. This online demo shows you how it works.
LoiLoNote School - LoiLoNote School
A Collaborative Creation Tool for All Ages The LoiLoNote School app makes it easy to teach interactive, student-centered lessons with digital media. Users can quickly turn ideas into multimedia cards ...
Smarter Surfaces - Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering
Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering allows you to turn any wall into a whiteboard surface in just one easy application. Hang like any wallpaper. Use just like a whiteboard. This is a high performance product...