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Four Ferries

Four Ferries

Startup 8

20700 TURKU

Four Ferries offers tools for teaching and learning mathematics more effectively.

* The 4f Checker automatically checks your solutions step by step. It tells you where you've made mistakes, not only that the end-result is incorrect.
* Efficient editors help you create mathematical content (intuitively, quickly and a lot neater than pen and paper)
* Interactive textbooks teach you High School Math in class or as supporting material. The e-books are based on the Structured Derivations -teaching method and the Finnish National Math Curriculum
* And a learning environment, that keeps your STEM lesson material organized and easily accessible and editable. Submission of assignments, statistics and rapid individual feedback directly in assignments is supported.

Four Ferries is founded by teachers in STEM subjects, with the mission to improve math education.

We all know that math is interesting and engaging, as long as we understand it. When we don’t, we need help. But the feedback loop in today’s math education is broken: students work on their math problems, but don’t get proper feedback on their own solutions. Rather, they are shown model solutions in class, and are supposed to spot the errors in their own solutions from these. Some can do this, but many will fail and keep repeating the same errors in subsequent homework, until they drop out because they just don’t get it. Teachers could help, but there is no time to give individual feedback and tutoring to all students in the class.

The 4f tools are designed to fix that broken feedback loop. The teaching method, Structured Derivations, improves the way mathematical arguments are explained, so that it is easier to see the structure of the argument and understand the reasoning involved. Together, they will keep that love for math alive that all first graders show, all through life. And for us who are adults? Hey, it might even wake up that spark again!