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Ios International nv

Ios International nv


3590 Diepenbeek

IOS International (Information On the Spot) is an ICT company from Diepenbeek, which offers a unique combination of IOS software and services for:
• Up-to-date & customised multi domain reports based on the inventory of all information related to your facilities and means; such as evacuation plans and intervention dossiers.
• Easy-to-use scheduling platform for preventive and corrective maintenance. Managed task execution through mobile devices.
• The optimalisation of Emergency Preparedness Management. Online emergency plan managed by multiple persons and on the spot available for all stakeholde


Product news

  • IOS starts an international project in Algeria


  • Software solutions as a SaaS subscription

    IOS International now offers its software solutions as a SaaS subscription.
    Software as a Service, often abbreviated as SaaS, is software offered as an online service. You do not have to buy the software, but you close a subscription for a certain duration. IOS International provides installation, maintenance and management. You can simply log on via the internet and use all the features of the IOS software.

  • IOS International wins trophy for innovation at ExpoProtection Paris 2012

    The competition jury at Expoprotection 2012, comprised of experts, journalists, users and opinion leaders, have awarded on December 4th 2012 the innovation trophy (category “Industrial and Natural Risks category”) to IOS International for the solution IOS Mapper Control & Maintenance. IOS International also received a special recommendation from the jury.

    Expoprotection is the only event in France that brings together top international specialists and the most innovative equipment and solutions, covering the two complementary universes dedicated to Risk Prevention and Management: Health - Environment + Security - Safety.


  • Evacuation plans according to new legislation 03/28/2014 'Fire'

    IOS Mapper software offers the ability to create evacuation plans according to the European Directive and the new ISO 23601, which was translated in Belgium into the new Royal Decree.

    The new Royal Decree on 'fire prevention at the workplace "went into effect on March 28, 2014. This Royal Decree replaces some articles from ARAB Article 52. In the new Royal Decree, the provisions relating to the prevention of risks were largely replaced and elaborated. This implies some additional obligations to the employer.

    The employer must include:

    ✓ perform a risk analysis on the fire, law logo
    ✓ from the risk analysis will determine possible scenarios combined with the predictable consequences;
    ✓ as well as determine the preventive measures here;
    ✓ periodic monitoring and maintenance to protection against fire (including fire extinguishers, ...);
    ✓ establish a firefighting service;
    ✓ an intervention file preparation for the emergency services;
    ✓ Formatting internal emergency plans;
    ✓ keep a fire prevention file;
    ✓ the necessary information and training provided to employees and third parties;
    ✓ to hang from the entrance of the building and each floor an evacuation plan

    IOS International accompanies you with this software and services.