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Messe Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
07 - 08/11/2018

m-tec mathis technik gmbh

m-tec mathis technik gmbh

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For 30 years the name m-tec has been synonymous with the development and production of innovative solutions for the manufacture, logistics and processing of modern materials. m-tec has made building better, faster and more economical - throughout the world.

These days the technology business employs hundreds of people and has European subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic as well as China. Sales offices, agents and dealers can be found in almost every one of the world’s industrialized nations.

Our program is divided into three areas: “SE” or Site Equipment, “PE” or Plant Equipment and last, but not least, the Technology Centre – “TC”. This is a unique combination throughout the industry. Companies either offer building site technology only, or have specialized in systems engineering. At m-tec the customer can expect “EVERYTHING FROM A SINGLE SOURCE”.

From raw material analysis and the planning and construction of the associated dry mortar systems to the development and production of the right processing machinery for the building site, we can offer our customers expert advice and professional equipment:
The Technology Centre (TC) offers services covering every aspect of product development and quality assurance. In addition to the analysis of the customer’s own raw materials and advice on the choice of raw materials, product design courses are also offered, both in our own laboratories and on the customer’s site. Other courses provide help with establishing quality assurance systems and procedures for the rational selection of laboratory equipment.
In addition, the Technology Centre also offers its customers the opportunity to obtain advice at any time on how the various dry mortar formulations can be adapted to an optimum mechanical application process.

The Plant Equipment (PE) division develops and produces the full range of production technology required for the industrial manufacture of dry mortars. In addition to the complete dosing, weighing and mixing technology, m-tec also provides solutions for sand preparation and for the packing and loading of dry mortar products. This also includes the appropriate control technology, as well as a wide range of service activities that ensure problem-free production at all times.

The Site Equipment (SE) division supplies mobile silos as well as silo transport and placement systems for the rational delivery of dry mortar to the building site, pneumatic conveying systems and machines for the fast and precise processing and application of dry mortars. Plastering machines, continuous mixers, mortar pumps, conveying systems and small silo systems round off the extensive range. m-tec also offers special services for building site technology that guarantees the customer the greatest possible flexibility and performance from his machines.

m-tec is an innovative, fast-growing company - an attractive employer and training provider. Applying a healthy balance of demands and incentives, m-tec lives through its highly motivated personnel. Fundamental values such as integrity, solidarity and respect for others provide the basis for our cohesion and form the principles that every m-tec employee follows.


Product news

  • what's new at m-tec?

    The demands on the metering accuracy of small components are constantly increasing, due to the high requirements with regard to guaranteeing homogeneity steadily improved formulations with often minimal share of certain additives and. For the exact dosage of additives and pigments m-tec developed the PowerDos, an independent fine dosing system reaching a metering accuracy of plus/minus one to two grams by using specially designed dosing algorithms.

    Control technology
    m-tec offers with the future-proof process and automation technology the plant control MIDAS® for all bulk - and mixing systems for years. The newly developed m-box now offers the possibility to integrate a fine metering control of small components as independently functioning module in the parent control. This eliminates the decision for "accuracy or speed", because the m-box at the same time ensures both.

    The explosion protection is standard for decades in the (Petro) chemical industry, but also in other sectors of industry it is gaining in importance. Therefore, at m-tec, the professional care and assessment by in-house ATEX experts at each plant design belongs to the standard.

    Paste plasters
    m-tec expands its offering in the field of plant engineering for the production of emulsion paints and paste plasters. According to our well-known motto "everything from a single source", the formulation, as well as the appropriate application technology on the construction site are included in the offer.


  • m-tec mathis technik gmbh

    m-tec mathis technik gmbh looks back on over 40 years of experience in design of mixing units. Originally at home in project work, engineering and design of mixing units for the production of dry mortar. Meanwhile the activities has been expanded to other applications, for example

    • food industry
    • feed industry
    • pharmacie
    • disposal engineering and environmental technology