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Messe Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
07 - 08/11/2018

Simatek Bulk Systems A/S

Simatek Bulk Systems A/S

R 59-6

4270 Høng

Simatek Bulk Systems A/S is a company specialised in the mechanical conveying of fragile products.
Unique for its flexibility and for conveying fragile products, Simatek Universal Elevators give particular consideration to the quality and structure of the product.
Simatek Bulk Systems A/S has developed the drum feeder CBFS (Continuous Batch Feeding System) which is now patent pending. With a CBFS the buckets are filled separately without waste and with no overlap. This system makes it possible to run with low chain speed in combination with a high filling degree minimizing dust generation when conveying dusty products.