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Messe Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
07 - 08/11/2018

bar pneumatische Steuerungssysteme GmbH

bar pneumatische Steuerungssysteme GmbH

R 32 - 6

53547 Dattenberg/Linz a.Rhein

With the manufacture and world-wide sales of pneumatic and electric actuators as well as complete automatic valves and wide-ranging accessories, bar GmbH is an important partner to many well-known and respected industrial companies since 1979. bar GmbH is constantly working on product development und innovations for plant construction and process-related applications in industry. Their special competence lies in customer-specific system solutions. With every fitting for every interface of the pneumatic actuator ”actubar“, convincing components for world-wide applications. The new developments around the direct mounting surface of the actuator for corresponding designed control units and positioner ist highly innovative.

This ist the all-encompassing product portfolio:
- Pneumatic actuators
- Electric actuators
- Automatic valves
- Position indicators, positioners and control units
- Accessories

Planners, constructors and operators of plants in the following fields of process engineering make use of our products in wide-ranging applications:
- Chemicals
- Petrochemicals
- Pharmaceuticals
- Foodstuffs
- Water and waste-water
- Shipyards
- Bulk material
- Paper and pulp
- Waste disposal
- Power stations


Product news

  • pneumatic actuator actubar in new big sizes up to 9,600 Nm

    The well-known range of the pneumatic actuator actubar is filled by 4 new sizes up to 9,600 Nm. More features like 2-part shaft, adapter plate for changeable Namur connection and limit stroke construction outside of the pressure chamber make actubar more flexible in most applications of industry. Of course all other features of the range like the air conduction in the upper side for direct mounting of bar-positioner are suitable as well. Even these positioner now are available with LED signal likely used in dark environment.