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Messe Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
07 - 08/11/2018

ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH

ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH

K 08 - 5

37154 Northeim

ContiTech Conveyor Belts – First Choice

- Development partner, manufacturer and systems supplier of steel cord and fabric belts, service material and special conveyor technology products
- Worldwide installation and servicing
- We concentrate our competence customer-orientated in 4 market segments at 17 locations in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Mexico, Serbia and Slovakia

Our Product Range

- Steel cord conveyor belts good for long distances and in coping with major conveyor inclines
- Textile conveyor belts with various properties for diverse applications
- Special conveyor belts and products for powering, filtering and protecting
- Conveyor belt service material - wear prevention & repair materials

Our Expertise

- Extensive materials expertise as the basis for our product innovations
- Modern manufacturing technologies for high quality and cost-efficiency
- Complete solutions for every system and every conveyor application
- Service worldwide 24/7

Innovative Conveyor Belt Engineering

- Energy-optimized conveyor belts cut power consumption by as much as 20%
- Troughable tube conveyors with ContiClean A-H anti-stick coating
- FLEXOWELL® – Conveyor belts with corrugated sidewalls and cleats for conveying masses at gradients of up to 90°
- RopeCon belt conveyor system – a combination of conveyor belt and aerial ropeway
- SICON® – Enclosed conveyor belt for small radii
- POCKETLIFT® – Conveyor belt for the vertical transport of large masses

Product news

  • ContiTech: customised transport solutions for the bulk material handling industry

    From construction and foodstuff via recycling and shingle to wood processing and power stations – when it comes to extracting, processing and distributing commodities, materials and other bulk goods, ContiTech is on hand with the conveyor technologies and expertise needed. Comprehensive and customised, the product portfolio of the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group serves a wide variety of industries. This year the company is exhibiting at the SOLIDS Dortmund trade fair for the very first time, presenting tried-and-tested products, innovations and its extensive partner network to visitors. Specialising in bulk material technologies, the SOLIDS Dortmund runs from 21 to 22 May 2014 in the German city of Dortmund, with the ContiTech exhibit on show in Hall 6 at Stand R 43.

    A key topic of the display is the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group’s strong partner network, which spans the whole of Germany. “We work closely with a large number of partners across the country, all of them experts in conveyor belts. A map on our booth shows visitors just how broad our network has become over the years,” explains Stefan Hoheisel, Head of the Global Industry Segment with the Conveyor Belt Group. Numerous partners are also present at the trade fair: “Our stand offers them the opportunity to present themselves to trade fair visitors,” he adds.

    Highlights from the global product network
    At the SOLIDS Dortmund ContiTech is debuting a range of forward-looking ideas in the shape of new products from its extended global network of sites. “For these products we drew on a broad knowledge base, which includes the expertise we gained through our acquisition of the USA’s Legg Company or our new unit in Finland,” Hoheisel explains.

    These latest additions to the portfolio include white conveyor belts, which are specially suited to the wood and foodstuff industries, where traces of abrasion from black conveyor belts must be avoided at all costs to prevent products from becoming discoloured or contaminated. For this reason, foodstuff conveyors are made from white nitrile (NBR) or styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). Also new in the product line-up is a host of innovative chevron belt profiles and variants that make conveying materials along steep inclines more efficient.

    Customised solutions for every need
    Another component of the exhibit at the SOLIDS trade fair is the presentation of a modular system for heat resistant conveyor belts. This consists of a variety of components that can be combined to create exactly the right ContiTech belt for each specific application. A special feature in this respect is the innovative HEAT CONTROL insulation layer for transporting hot materials. Under normal circumstances excessive heat can cause the rubber layer on a conveyor belt to disintegrate and the carcass to melt, ultimately leading to belt failure. But HEAT CONTROL reduces temperature transfer towards the carcass by up to 40 degrees. When adding a highly melt-proof layer made from glass or basalt, this even keeps belts functional while transporting glowing hot materials.

    At the same time a number of tried-and-tested products are also on display, such as SICON®, TransConti® and CONTIFLEX®. These durable, robust conveyor belts meet even the toughest requirements and are ideal for transporting oily and fatty materials, for example.

    “The market for transport technologies is evolving all the time. This year we are exhibiting at the SOLIDS trade show for the very first time. We want to send out a strong signal to the German market as we present our partners as well as our new and classic solutions,” Hoheisel explains. Another first at the SOLIDS 2014 will be guided tours for visitors. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to present our innovations face-to-face and convince people of their advantages,” Hoheisel says.