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Messe Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
07 - 08/11/2018



K 12 - 5

61348 Bad Homburg

De-dusting solutions of Infastaub are used in various industrial areas, manufacturing processes and very different applications. The product range includes pocket filters, cartridge filters, bag filters, pleated element filters and cassette filters with pneumatic and mechanical cleaning. The filter units are used for de-dusting of pneumatic supports of bulk solids, for de-dusting of the exhaust air from pressure-pneumatically filled silos or containers, for continuous de-dusting of machines and workplaces, for de-dusting of mechanical transport and manufacturing processes, for separation of free flowing dust and bulk solids or for filtration of lung-current, harmful or toxic dust and suspended matter.

In the area of mechanically cleaned filters Infastaub produces shaking filter as ventilation filter, small-sized filter or standing filter. The filters are used for the exctraction of dust-laden air from machines and working places or for the dust removal of the displaced air from silos during the pneumatic filling by silo vehicles. Filter units with jet pulse cleaning are available as pocket filter, cartridge filter, cassette filter, pleated element filter and bag filter. Furthermore, Infastaub produces non-cleanable safety filters for the protection before compressors and processing machines as well as loading systems for the dust free loading of flowable, powdery or granulated bulk solids.

From A as animal feed to Z as zin smelting: Infastaub has the appropriate filter unit for your branch. We offer a filtering solution also for your de-dusting.


Product news

  • „Minion“ or super mini filter? Infastaub developed the smallest filter generation

    Their body reminds of the yellow plastic capsule of Kinder Surprise, however, they usually wear blue brace overalls, and they look around the world with one or two big round eyes. Of course, we talk about the Minions. Their fans know and love them as loyal servants who constantly look for a master. This is also the task of the newest development of Infastaub: reliable dedusting. What could be more appropriate than giving the filter unit the alias “Minion”?

    The filter unit with the official type designation AJM 150 is just 17 cm in diameter, has a total height of 51 cm and is equipped with only one filter bag. The version as non-cleanable secondary filter is labelled INF 150. The housing is made of stainless steel by default. On demand, it may be welded absolutely gap-free or two-sided, for applications of the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. A variation made of stainless steel is also available.

    Due to the minimal construction height, the filter units can be installed in areas with height limitations that do not allow installation of other versions.

    A chemical company has already ordered 70 pieces of the new generation “Minion”.

  • Easy change of new filter cartridges

    Life-cycle costs of durable industrial goods, to which cartridge filters also belong, are influenced by operating and follow-up costs. This also includes working time for installation and change of filter cartridges. But filter cartridges – as well as with every other filter unit - have to be changed in regular intervals. Compared to common fastening mechanisms, Infastaub has significantly simplified this system.

    Because of a special fastening, the operating personnel can carry out the cartridge change without any tools. For this purpose, the front clamping rail only needs to be unfastened and the cartridges can directly and easily be removed.

    The filter media change is carried out via the maintenance door on raw gas side, so that no additional height is necessary. Even the basic dimensions of the filter unit remain same with the new cartridges.

  • Occupational health and safety management system: First certification according to OHSAS 18001

    Infastaub has reached an important milestone with the optimisation and examination of its own occupational health and safety sssessment. Processes that help to avoid accidents at work, injuries and diseases were extensively reviewed by experts for about a year. At the end followed the certification according to OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) by the TÜV Rheinland.

    Worldwide OHSAS is the most common standard for occupational health and safety management systems. The standard was developed in reaction to the widespread demand on a proven standard for evaluation and certification of ccupational safety and health management systems.

    Within the implementation of OHSAS a systematic review on operational procedures and its evaluation of occupational health and safety management took place. Consistently good working conditions must be guaranteed for employees. Potential hazards are identified and analysed in a performance specification so that all associated risks are evaluated and minimised.

    „We are happy about the certification. It emphasises our sense of responsibility with regard to health and safety of our staff. With the certification we prove our clients, partners and employees that health and working safety have highest priority in our company. In addition it is an evidence for our effort to continuously improve our quality management systems,“ says managing director Berthold Geppert.

  • Cassette filter Infa-Micron MKR with certified safety

    Cassette filters Infa-Micron MKR are particularly suitable for demanding processes of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, where dusts occur, that are hazardous to health or toxic, e. g. API (active pharmaceutical ingredients). With applications of this kind, lowest residual cust contents down to 0.001 mg/m³ and the secure protection of staff is requested.
    The new generation of the series Infa-Micron MKR impresses the market already with more ease of operation, increased gas tightness, easier cleanability inside and outside as well as less construction height.
    In order to evaluate the usability in case of explosion, the cassette filter was now under a safety-related review by FSA*. The classification in dust explosion classes ST 1 to ST 3 gives an information about maximum rate of pressure velocity increase (KSt value) in bar m/s:
    St 1: > 0 to 200 bar m/s
    St 2: > 200 to 300 bar m/s
    St 3: > 300 to m/s
    The explosion tests with the Infa-Micron MKR were executed as well with combustible dust as with a combination of combustible dust and combustible gas (hybrid mixture). The tests on the filter showed no deformation at all and confirm the high mechanical strength of the Infa-Micron MKR against explosion pressures. The cassette filter was authorised for KSt-values up to 600 bar m/s.
    If occurrence of explosion can‘t be excluded, there are constructive safety measurements for the Infa-Micron MKR available, like pressure shock resistant design or additional equipment for explosion suppression.
    Extensive dust exposition measurements (containment) at the Infa-Micron series MKR and MPR took place at the same time. The tests regarding filter change and dust discharge confirmed that these filter series comply with highest safety standards when processing toxic and highly effective substances.
    (*Forschungsgesellschaft für angewandte Systemsicherheit und Arbeitsmedizin mbH)


  • Safe dedusting with silo vent filter

    Isophthalic acid is a base substance for aramides, polyester, synthetic resins for high-temperature-resistant electrical insulating coatings and oilfree alkyd resins. The technical synthetic materials distinguish themselves in particular by their high strength, thermal resistance, very good electrical insulating power and a high wear resistance. Leading manufacturer is a company based in Switzerland.

    Infastaub supplied for dedusting of two pneumatic pressure conveyings two silo vent filters type Infa-Mini-Jet AJM to this company. Because of the flammability of isophthalic acid, the preventive explosion protection was specified by inertisation with nitrogen. Special feature is conveying and filter cleaning with nitrogen. That‘s why the filters are designed gastight.

    The bag filters reduce the residual dust content in the clean gas area below 2 mg/m³.


  • Dustfree shredding of electronic components

    Disused electronic components often contain valuable metals like gold and platinum or copper. Recyling of these reusable materials is proven to be worthwhile for economic reasons, but also for environmental reasons.

    For example, 200 grams of gold can be recovered from one ton of old mobile phones. To obtain five grams of gold from a mine, one ton of ore needs to be moved.

    A central role in recycling processes have shredding plants. They break down the disposed devices into smallest parts. Filter plants are downstream these processes so that no substances hazardous to health are emitted to air. Because of the explosive shredding dust, the filters have to be designed for low residual dust content as well as with appropriate explosion protection measures.

    Infastaub has completed a major order for such a task. In detail six pocket filters type Infa-Mat were manufactured. They have a total air volume of 26,000 m³/h.

    The dust is collected at the receiving hopper of the shredding plant. Because of the new pocket filters, the recycling company achieves a high product recovery rate.
    Infastaub guarantees a residual dust content of < 1mg/m³ with the pocket filters.


  • Pleated element filter for de-dusting of PVC stabilisers

    Reagens is a manufacturer of special chemicals for production of PVC and other thermoplastic plastics. In the production location Loxstedt organically based stabilizers are produced among other things. In our everyday life they are hardly perceived, but the special chemicals are essential for the processing of PVC. Only by their use the final products get their required durability.
    The up to now used cyclone for the dust removal of the production processes could not any longer fulfil the realisation of lower dust emission values presecuted by Reagens. In lieu of the cyclone Infastaub delivered an aspiration filter of the type Infa-Lamellen-Jet. In spite of small floor space a filter surface of 72 m² could be realised because of the optimised filter geometry. The old fan was substituted with an energy-optimised fan type.
    The requirements for the new filter unit were very special. The paraffin containing dust particles are adhesive, waxy and could clog the pleated elements within short time - then a cleaning would not be possible any more. Therefore pleated elements with a laminated PTFE membrane are used. The diaphragm allows a stable dust removal process. Furthermore with this dust kind a danger of explosion is possible. The pleated element filter was therefore designed for a pressure shock resistance of 0.4 bar g. Additional explosion decoupling systems on the raw gas and clean gas side were planned by the customer.
    Applications with such edge conditions need a high degree of competence which our engineers have gained from many comparable projects. The outcome of this are filter systems, which guarantee safety and reliability.
    Heiko Sievern, head of technical department at Reagens, declares after 4-months operating: „The new filter unit completely measured up with our expectations. After detailed preliminary planning and punctual delivery the high-quality workmanship of the stainless steel filter housing struck us immediately. After 4 months in operation the Infastaub filter unit has proved its efficiency. Dust emissions are far below the target value of 10 mg/m³ and the granulating process sucked off by the filter runs steadily. We will count on the cooperation with Infastaub also for other projects.“
    Infastaub presents at his stand E07 in hall 4 a model of a pleated element filter at the trade fair "Schüttgut" in Dortmund.

  • Cartridge filter MPR for Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas

    Tablets are the dosage form which are most commonly used. The way to the finished product is long. Different sub-processes are necessary. Tablet presses and their de-dusting are part of these production processes. As of late a catridge filter type INFA-MICRON MPR works at Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas in Athens. The filter unit cares for a clean production of pharmaceutical products by gathering the dust at several suction points within the tablet press.


  • Pharma filter for India

    Infastaub has delivered three identical cassette filters type INFA-MICRON, MKR to India. The cassette filters are used for de-dusting of tablet coaters.


  • Infa-Micron cartridge filter MPR in pressure shock resistant design for hybrid mixtures

    Filter manufacturer Infastaub proves in explosion tests that the pressure shock resistant designed cartridge filter Infa-Micron MPR is also suitable to be run with hybrid mixtures.