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Messe Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
07 - 08/11/2018



C 13 -4

68804 Altlußheim

Since in 1969, Vainer Marchesini, founder, current chairman and C.E.O. of WAMGROUP® manufactured his first screw conveyor, the WAM® brand has come to stand for innovation in Bulk Material HandIing Technology and Equipment Supply. The start was made with the development of standard cement screw conveyors for the concrete industry. Later the product range was extended to other industries such as asphalt, cement milling, lime and plaster processing, biological sludge, animal feed, flour mills, chemicals, foods and glass.
In 1978 the former artisan business turned into a private joint-stock company.
1979 saw the setting up of SPECO® - manufacturers of waste water handling equipment, such as water screw pumps, grit classifying and recycling screws, screw screens and screw compactors.
In 1983 MAP®, who specialise in mixing technology, started their business.
One year later, TOREX® supplied their first rotary valves followed by telescopic loading spouts, pinch valves and level monitoring equipment.
By the beginning of 1991, a new powder discharging division, named EXTRAC®, introduced its new range of products including automatic bag splitters, bulk bag emptying and filling units and bin activators.
In 1997 and 1998, first OLI®, a vibrator manufacturer, then RONCUZZI®, experts in port technology, were incorporated.
Since 1984, thirty-three foreign trading subsidiaries have been established in various countries. Today assembly lines for screw conveyors and dust collectors are operational in the USA producing according to both U.S. and WAM® standards. Other manufacturing and assembly plants have been set up in
China, Brazil, India, Australia, Croatia, Romania, Malta and Turkey. In areas
where no subsidiary under corporate control takes care of the constantly growing number of customers, a global dealer network guarantees professional advice, smooth order management and a ‘round the clock’ spare parts service.
Thanks to an experienced and determined management, great dedication to R & D and a dynamic team, both the manufacturing divisions and the trading subsidiaries have succeeded not only in better assisting long-standing customers but also in the early conquest of new markets and industries.
Although today a holding controls the companies of the Group, one fact has not changed since the beginning: the goal of each company and individual member of staff still is and always will be to offer high quality mass-produced items designed for the world market, at an attractive price.
Since 1994 various WAMGROUP® manufacturing companies have been certified according to ISO 9001 quality management and have been upgraded since to VISION 2000 certification.


Product news

  • WAMGROUP inaugurated its new Technology Centre on the company's 50th anniversary

    On June 15th, WAMGROUP of Ponte Motta di Cavezzo, Modena, Italy, inaugurated its new Technology
    On the company's 50th anniversary, on Friday, June 15, 2018, WAMGROUP celebrated the inauguration of
    the new Technological Centre at the company's headquarters in Via Archimede in Ponte Motta di Cavezzo,
    Modena, Italy.
    Following the ribbon cutting in the presence of the president of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano
    Bonaccini, the mayors of Modena and the municipalities of the Modenese lowlands, as well as the bishop
    of Carpi, Monsignor Cavina, an academic symposium was held on some current scientific topics and of
    particular interest for technological innovations related to environmental protection.
    The Technology Centre is a structure aimed at researching and developing new industrial products. Its
    objective is the study and analysis of bulk solids and those operating in the field of environmental
    technologies. Research focuses on dust filtration, solids-liquid separation in animal husbandry and various
    industries, on wastewater treatment and hydropower. The centre includes a research laboratory, a training
    centre and a permanent exhibition. In addition to being an international point of reference in research and
    development of new products and related applications, it aims to become a meeting place for training
    young professionals from around the world.
    The WAMGROUP Technology Centre is therefore the cornerstone of an industrial strategy aimed at
    increasing skills, driving the professional and occupational growth of both the company and the territory on
    which WAMGROUP bases its roots.
    In his speech WAMGROUP president, Vainer Marchesini, stressed the importance of training young people
    to ensure the company a successful future in an increasingly globalised world.
    In thanking Marchesini for his commitment in the reconstruction after the 2012 earthquake, President
    Bonaccini emphasized the worldwide success of the companies of the Emilia-Romagna thanks to their
    innovation capacity, which results in an ever-increasing competitiveness on international markets. With the
    new WAMGROUP Technology Centre, WAMGROUP proves to believe in research and development as the
    main strategy to create new jobs in the future.
    In the context of the inauguration, the following day a big party dedicated to the families with more than
    1,200 participants took place at the WAMGROUP headquarters.


  • VFP - Butterfly Valve

    New Butterfly Valve with reduced height, an optimized lightweight valve body ("FIT FRAME") and improved pressure sealing


  • VAB Flap Diverter Valve

    Two-way Flap diverter valve for pneumatic conveying


  • VHS-C Membrane Pressure Relief Valve from Polymer

    - Lightweight Body from Polymer
    - Exhaust Outlet from SINT Polymer to prevent clogging and
    material crusts