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Messe Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany
07 - 08/11/2018

Dinnissen Process Technology

Dinnissen Process Technology

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Dinnissen Process Technology is the specialist in handling and processing bulk materials. Complete processes for the milling, sieving, weighing, mixing, dosing, drying, expanding, extruding, vacuum coating, packaging and transporting of powders, grains and granulates. Developed, tested and manufactured in-house. Dinnissen operates internationally with 180 employees and 70 years’ experience in bulk materials technology, machine development, processing, engineering, control, automation and service. We strive for innovation and market development, aimed at developing (custom-made) products for our customers, wherein the production is under our own management. Improving ergonomics, efficiency and hygiene play a key role in this. Dinnissen is active in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pet food, feed and aqua feed industry.


Product news

  • Dinnissen opens Indonesian office to better serve the Asian market

    Dinnissen Process Technology, with offices in the Netherlands and Germany, has recently set up an office in Indonesia, near Jakarta at Java. Java forms the economic heart of Indonesia and is part of the plan of the government of Indonesia to make Indonesia one of the 10 biggest economies of the world by the year 2025. In general, Asia as a continent has experienced impressive economic development in recent years and is therefore a territory of great interest to Dinnissen. It shows a large market potential for selling mixers, hammer mills and vacuum coaters in various industries such as food, feed and pet food.

    Perry Konings, Commercial Manager of Dinnissen Process Technology, explains. “With opening the Dinnissen Asia office in Indonesia we take an important step in the direction of further internationalisation. During our current sales projects, we realised that in order to cover the Asian market better we would need to open a dedicated office in this part of the world.” Dinnissen expects to even better respond to market specific questions with opening the Dinnissen Asia office.


  • Major manufacturer in the starch industry uses sifters of Dinnissen

    EVS Distribution, Dinnissen’s partner in France, has delivered tailor-made sifters to one of the major manufacturers in the starch industry. According to the demand of the customer this special sifter should prevent cross contamination by means of improved inspection methods. The solution was a new innovation of Dinnissen; the Wingdoor sifter.

    Innovation is in our DNA. Developing a new sifter with improved inspection methods to prevent cross contamination was a challenging task that Dinnissen was happy to accept. Thanks to the extensive experience and expertise, the engineers at Dinnissen developed the custom-made Wingdoor sifter; a perfect combination of innovative power and the sieving process. The major advantage of this machine is that the doors can now open over the entire length of the machine. Therefore, the sieve does not need to be driven out for inspection, so that cross contamination is prevented. The replacement of the sieve mesh is naturally very efficient because the sieve basket can still be moved out of the machine. In addition, the Wingdoor sifter can reach capacities up to 30 tonnes per hour depending on the product.

    By delivering in coordination with the customers’ planning, Dinnissen was able to optimally respond to the clients’ schedule. In addition, the client had prepared all surrounding equipment and subsequently the Wingdoor sifter was installed with the help of detailed 3D drawings of Dinnissen. This successful installation was made possible due to the fruitful cooperation between Dinnissen Process Technology and EVS Distribution. For the last five years, EVS Distribution has already sold numerous Dinnissen machines.


  • Automated container tipper for residue-free emptying of containers with hazardous substances

    Dinnissen Process Technology has developed an automated container tipper for emptying containers with hazardous substances inside a closed housing. Via this innovative solution, Dinnissen aims to offer process operators an optimum level of safety and the ability to empty containers without leaving any residue behind. The container tipper will be on show at the EasyFairs Solids in Rotterdam.

    Optimum safety and stress-free operation for the operator.
    Companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, recycling, and petrochemical industries often process hazardous substances in drums and octabins. The process of emptying such containers is physically stressful and also hazardous due to the toxic and irritating properties of the contents. The container tipper has been specially developed to automatically tip the container and empty it safely and efficiently without leaving any residue behind. This even applies to situations in which the container has an inner lining or in which the contents consist of chunky, sticky, or finely dispersed particulate materials. The containers can be inserted into the tipper manually or in a fully automated fashion via roller lines. After the exterior housing has been closed, the containers are connected via a system using double seals. Only after the container has been hermetically connected to the system, is it opened and rotated by 180°. The container is then emptied, without leaving any residue behind, using vibration-, air pulse-, and vacuum- based technology. For containers with an inner liner, Dinnissen has developed a special clamping system which holds the liner in place during the emptying process. The automatic container tipper can be expanded to include a weighing system which monitors the process and ensures that the container does not contain any residues. The automatic container tipper can be used for drums and octabins of all types and sizes.

  • Dinnissen introduces Easy-to-Clean Feeder Valve

    Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a highly innovative Easy-to-Clean Feeder Valve with a revolutionary range of capacities. The new Feeder Valve is price-friendly in terms of investment, maintenance and use. Come and see it at our booth!

    Production capacity ranging from 6 kg to 50 tons per hour
    The ability to produce a wide range of product types and volumes with a single investment is becoming increasingly critical for a great many businesses. Process equipment therefore needs to be able to function effectively in a wide range of production processes and also be easy to maintain and clean. In response to these demands, Dinnissen focuses primarily on developing process oriented solutions that comply with these requirements. The revolutionary Easy-to-Clean Feeder Valve, with a hitherto unknown range of capacities, is an example of this. The production capacity of this highly innovative dosage valve can be easily and quickly set to a value between 6 kg and 50 tons per hour! The valve has a simple and sturdy design with only a single drive unit, and the compact installation height of only 150 mm makes it suitable for integration into a wide variety of production environments. The compact and simple design also minimizes the amount of product residue left behind and facilitates quick and thorough cleaning. It is very energy-efficient in use, thereby minimizing operational costs. The purchase price of the new feeder valve is also significantly lower than the competition, and it can be used in a much wider range of applications.