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Gin de Binche

Gin de Binche


7130 Binche

The Gin of Binche has a nice flowery flavor followed by a herbaceous note of juniper berries.
Delicate and well balanced in the mouth, the gin is characterized by the smoothness of the blood orange.
Our advice is to taste the gin with a neutral tonic, but with natural flavoring.
It results in a unique, soft, tasty and aromatic gin!
The design of the bottle is a tribute to the city of Binche, worldwide known for its carnival and its architectural heritage.
The ‘blood orange’ flavor is a reference to the gift offered by the Gille, Carnival’s King, on Shrove Tuesday at Binche.
The Lion and the silver color appear on the former coat of arms as well as on the city flag of Binche.


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    Gin de Binche

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