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Devafloor BVBA

Devafloor BVBA


2200 Herentals

Devafloor has grown to become the reference in industrial resin-based liquid flooring in Belgium in the past 20 years. Current business manager Bob Van Thielen founded the company in 2000, together with his father Dany.

100% focus on industrial resin-based liquid flooring.
These floors can be found in butchers, bakeries, shops, catering businesses, garages, industrial kitchens, industrial environments and in other areas. Thanks to this focus, our teams have built up an enormous expertise.

Each floor is placed according to the technical rules and with great care and dedication.

For every application - chemical, temperature or weight - we have an adapted floor. Within our range of resin-based floors you get a free choice of finish and color. We personally come along for a technical analysis so you are guaranteed to choose the right floor.

The majority of floors that we place are based on acrylate resin. These floors are a perfect alternative to epoxy. A floor in acrylate is slightly more elastic than epoxy, so there is less risk of tearing.

The great advantage of acrylate floors compared to epoxy floors is the extremely short installation time. While the installation of an epoxy floor takes up to five days, an average floor in acrylate is already been placed within one day. The reason is the much shorter time to harden. Different layers can be placed in one day. Correct planning is one of our absolute priorities.