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7141 Carnières

Biscus is a family business, craftsman working hibiscus sabdariffa flower, our workshop is located in the hainaut, in Carnières (Entity Morlanwelz)

Biscus was born in 2010 after several trips to Burkina Faso for the restoration of a school.
There, as in other countries in the world with a tropical climate, hibiscus sabdariffa is grown for consumption as hot, cold or iced tea. In West Africa, the flower is named "Bissap". In Egypt, "Karkadé" and according to its geographical location other names are granted to it such as "Roselle of Guinea" or as in Mexico the "Flor de Jamaica".
Often named "Madame Hibiscus", Yolande, from the pan on sale offers quality products without preservatives, dyes or flavors. The packaging has been chosen deliberately simple, recyclable or recoverable.