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Pasta Della Mamma

Pasta Della Mamma


4040 Herstal

THE pasta specialist for professional catering

Pasta della Mamma produces for you, the catering professionals, a wide range of natural, stuffed and cooked pasta as well as sauces to accompany them.
The pasta are available fresh, fresh pre-cooked and fresh frozen to meet the needs and wishes of each restaurant.

The fresh pasta, which has a short cooking time and a very good resistance to cooking, is made with eggs and is very qualitative. The presence of eggs guarantees a rich product with a very good structure in the mouth (the bite) and a better taste.

A fresh pre-cooked pasta retains the same properties as fresh pasta. It is already cooked and its use is easy and fast: the cooking time is a few seconds but they can also be used uncooked for a cold pasta salad.

Our fresh frozen pasta, such as our aubergine rolls, is also made from our fresh pasta and is frozen for easy stock management; you can defrost each product one by one and use only what you need.

Finally, our sauces are also fresh and can be used as such or as a base to make your homemade sauce.

This range offers you variety, quality and comfort, while leaving room for your creativity!