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Engels Logistics NV

Engels Logistics NV


3583 Paal-Beringen

The Engels Group supplies products serving logistics and the environment, with a strong focus on sustainability. Our product range answers all questions concerning warehouse and transport bins, multiple use packaging, pallets and pallet boxes, retention bins, boxes approved for the transport of hazardous materials and plastic and steel waste containers.


Product news

  • Custom-made product carriers, to improve your production process.

    Imagine, a product carrier, custom made to match completely with your product. This will optimize capacity and protection. Combined with our pallets, bins and lids you can create a transport unit to forward the goods in a safe way.

    Both our bins and our product carriers are qualified for automatic handling.

    Engels Logistics nv is an international company with a distinctive selection of plastic bins, pallets, pallet boxes and racks for the logistic, environmental and food industry.