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PinMeTo monitors, notifies and lets you respond to new reviews, ratings, mentions or comments found on the major social, search and review sites. All in one easy to use dashboard for your reputation m...
Qonceptus Group AB - Retail package - SMALL
At Qonceptus we like to keep it simple. With Retail package SMALL we can offer you a simple set och equipment for a Retail store up to 100 sqm. High quality sound system from Yamaha. Scent delive...
Touchpoint Research AB - Touchpoint floor stand
Fast and simple feedback station for your store visitors. Create questions in our web-portal and receive live feedback from your unit. Monitor trends, compare units and set up goal values.
Promotion i Boo AB - Expandable fronting tray
Hanging frontar system with adjustable width. Fixed or extendable. Ideal for eg. packaged salad, ready meals in colds and freezers.
Light Concept Sweden - Folio lightpanels
Foliolightpanels är förutom helt outstanding i ljuset, i sin egen klass vad det gäller design och tack vare sin låga bygghöjd en otrolig problemlösare då man vill ha stora helt täckande belyst...