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SprintIT provides retailers with a comprehensive Odoo cash management and ERP system to help our customers develop their competitiveness and ability to grow. We are a combination of agility, business understanding and recognized professionalism. We are known for skilled developers and our desire to tailor an ERP solution that works for you.

We designate an experienced ERP consultant for your company to help you find the right solution for you at Odoo's extensive and constantly evolving product portfolio. After the project, our experts will be at your disposal for daily use as well as for further development.

With Odoo ERP system delivered by SprintIT, you manage all your retail operations in one system in real time. With the right information, such as stock balances and easy-to-print store materials, you can create a good customer experience, both in the shops as well as in online stores.


Product news

  • Cash system - Do I need one?

    The cash register system centrally manages the product range, pricing, purchase orders, loyalty system and promotions of your stores.

    Cash points can be manned or unmanned. A shop’s cashier point, a self-checkout counter, a parking ticket machine and a gas station payment machine are all cash points.

    The Point-of-Sales (POS) system, or cash register system, is a package that includes not only the equipment needed to pay for purchases, but also software that guides your business and improves your productivity.

    Easy and fast payment at checkout is a necessity for a retailer. The system must be easy to use for both the person operating the system and the customer.

    But smooth payment is no longer enough; in order to maximize business development and productivity, you want not only sales receipts and payments, but also give prices to the products, make efficient and timely purchases, track inventory balances, record losses. In addition, management needs real-time information on the company's operations and its profitability in clear and comprehensive reports.

    The modern cash register system contains all of this. Indeed, the cash register system today refers to a system that manages all retail-specific processes. Checkout systems are already beginning to function similar to ERP systems. Or, as in Odoo, they are one and the same software.

    The SprintIT Retail checkout system is suitable not only for beginner merchants, but also for multi-storea and local warehouse chains, where the entire supply chain is managed at a precise level. At SprintIT Retail, all changes, such as prices and inventory balances, are updated in real time for each cash desk, online store and sales reports.

    Got interested? Visit our stand 4e40 and meet our Product Manager Sami Nurmisto