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Finnish M-Light Oy is one of Finland's leading domestic lighting manufacturer and designer. Our product development unit is located in the middle of Finland in Muurame.
Our product range includes permanently installed industrial, residential, public, office, road and street, yard and garden, store, architecture, LED lighting, production facility luminaires and plenty of lighting supplies.

We have designed a lot of our own products and our production units are also able to manufacture custom-made luminaires for our customers. All our products meet the safety regulations of electrical safety and we emphasize the energy economy of lamps in our design and production. All lamps manufactured by M-Light Oy are tested before they are shipped to customers.

The luminaires manufactured by M-Light Oy are installation friendly and we have taken into account the Nordic standard.

Our products are designed in an environmentally friendly manner.


Product news

  • New: Comet Illuminates Intelligently With C2 Control!

    Comet led yard and park lights are now available with C2 Smartlight. An antenna for individual lighting control is pre-integrated into the Comet luminaire.
    C2 Smartlight control allows you to wirelessly control the light output according to the area's use and time, for example, to keep the luminaires at a comfortable 10% light output when there is no movement in the area. When motion is detected, the lighting is stepped up to full power. After the time set in the program, the luminous intensity drops steplessly and stylishly. Smart Comet yard and park lights can be installed in place of old luminaires. Installation does not require re-cabling.