Why exhibit?

Want to meet thousands of buyers at the only dedicated elexpo in Tampere? Do you want to save time and meet your customers in two days?

If the answer is yes, then you should keep on reading! On elexpo we gather the industry, for business purposes only, during two intense days in (15-16 May). When you participate at the show, you invest in a cost- and time-efficient channel where you meet potential customers and prospects. Contact Mikko Huttunen or Marja Jarenko for information on sponsorship or how is it to exhibit!


Interested in exhibiting at the show?

Why you should exhibit

  • Sales event with a focus on doing business means more business in fewer days at lower costs than traditional exhibitions
  • Easyfairs generates clear and measurable ROI
  • Save time – you meet hundreds of new customers in two intensive days
  • The industry’s most important visitors are personally invited to the show
  • Easyfairs works in cooperation with the leading magazines and user organisations for effective and targeted visitor promotion - so the right visitors attend


It is often said that it takes several months to find new customers, but only seconds to lose them.

At the show, we gather the industry together for only two days. We dare say that it takes longer than that to find new customers, contacts and prospects almost everywhere else. The secret? The physical meeting. It is also where the key is a long-term cooperation.

Here are some of our visitors titles

  • designers
  • real estate owners
  • real estate managers
  • builders
  • contractors 
  • electricians 
  • property managers
  • maintenance managers