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The Lutz group with its brands Lutz and Jesco has distinguished itself by producing for more than 6 Decades quality products and offers pumps and systems for the transfer, metering and dosing of fluids and gases and has built up a sound reputation for safety in the pumping field worldwide led by its expertise in the market. The names ”Lutz” and “Jesco” are without doubt a synonym for various kinds of pumps and, moreover, has succeeded in making the name synonymous with complete systems to handle all aspects of fluid management.
The range of products includes drum and container pumps, eccentric screw pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and dosing pumps. As well as flow meter systems, measuring and control technology, chlorinators and water disinfection.
Through its distribution the Lutz group is represented in more than 80 countries and employees more than 400 persons worldwide. Own subsidiaries are in the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Hungary, Malaysia, China and the UAE.


Product news

  • Complete Pump Sets For Almost All Applications - distributed by Lutz, a reputable manufacturer of drum and container pumps -

    Lutz pumps are used for many years for the transfer of acids and alkalis, explosive and easily flammable liquids, mineral oils, solvents etc. Combined with appropriate accessories, customers can immediately start with their applications.

    In order to facilitate the technical selection of the pump and to quickly find the best suitable pump for customers` application, Lutz has made preparatory work and has already combined different pump sets for selection.

    The accessories are already pre-assembled. A fast assembly makes the pump ready for action very quickly. The materials of pump and accessories ideally harmonise with the liquid being pumped which assures safety in operation.

    The operator has 10 different pump sets available for selection, ideal for the decanting of nearly all thin-bodied liquids.

    A pump set for transferring acids and alkalis e.g. is consisting of motor, pump tube, and hose connections, 2,5 m PVC-hose, hose clips, nozzle and drum adapter.

    The sets are suitable for emptying of canisters, drums and containers.

    The use of Lutz drum pump sets is saving time and money as well as giving industrial and environmental protection.

    The sets can be optionally equipped with a flow meter.

  • Lutz drum pump motors for explosionproof areas certified according to IEC Ex

    Drum pump motors for explosion hazard areas now also in accordance with IEC Ex

    After Atex coming into force in 2001 for the European market, approvals for ex motors reaching beyond the Atex approval began to be demanded by international markets. Lutz drum pump motors are now also certified in accordance with IEC Ex.

    The Lutz ME motors belong to a generation of motors with a long tradition. In 1988, the motor series ME II was re-developed. For the first time, motors with an electrically conductive plastic housing were introduced to the market, opening up a multitude of new application options at that time. In 1996, the former approval generation was transformed into the new „C certificate“ generation, which became necessary as a result of the voltage being changed from 220 V to 230 V. The next step in 2001 was accompanied by the necessity for the Atex 100a (94/9/EC) approval. Finally, the motor generation was submitted to the PTB (Physical-Technical Federal Institute) last year. With the IEC Ex certificate, following the international standards IEC 60 079-0, IEC 60 079-1 and IEC 60 079-7, the motors were tested and approved according to the latest standards.

    International approvals can now be obtained for countries such as Australia, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, the Republic of Serbia, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA. Australia is the first country to recognise the IEC Ex approval without additional requirements having to be fulfilled.

    As Atex and IEC Ex are based on the same series of standards, they can be considered to be equal. Hence, further international approvals – see the stated countries – can be obtained beyond Atex with the IEC Ex as a basis, which then leads to a substantial reduction of bureaucracy and documentation expense. For plant construction and operating companies and for manufacturers alike, the IEC Ex approval is an important step towards globalisation.

    A next aspect is the US American market, where an increasing number of production facilities is arising that divide the Ex areas up according to the zone system. Atex does not apply here. With the IEC Ex approval, the motors are now also approved in accordance with the European standard. Due to the division into zones, differing requirements on equipment and plants arise, causing movement in the national safety philosophies.

    Aim of IEC Ex

    With the IEC Ex* Certificate of 07.07.2008, an almost 100 percent international approval for explosion–protected (ExdeIICT6) motors of the series ME II was created for the first time. A global certification system is based on the standards of the International Electro Technical Commission. It applies for different countries having national standards based on the IEC standards. IEC Ex provides a global framework for the independent testing and certification in the field of explosion protection. In future, only requirements beyond the IEC Ex scheme will be presented by the manufacturer to the national authorities for testing. The aim is to reduce costs and time while maintaining a uniform evaluation process and protect users from devices that do not comply with the required safety level.

    *IEC (International Electro Technical Commission)
    Certification Scheme for Explosive Atmospheres,
    Certificate no. IEC Ex PTB 08-0029.