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Mankenberg GmbH was founded in the German city of Heide in 1885 by Gustav Mankenberg. Today the company specializes in self-acting industrial valves and has its production site in Lübeck, managed by Mr Axel Weidner who is the great-grandson of the company founder. True to their slogan „Firmley in control, since 1885“, Mankenberg manufacture standard valves controlled by either a spring or a float or special solutions in single-piece or small batch production in accordance with customers‘ specifications. The customers receive special valves optimised for their machines, plants and processes. Deep-drawn stainless steel valves are primarily manufactured. In case of certain technical or economic requirements, valve bodies that are cast or turned out of solid material may be used. In their production facilities, Mankenberg combine expert knowledge and skilled craftsmanship in fast and reliable industrial processes with technological diversity.


Product news

  • Pressure Reducing Valve DM 618 – Mankenberg GmbH introduce their new Universal Valve for Standard Applications

    Mankenberg further expand their position as one of the leading suppliers of self-acting control valves with the launch of the pressure reducing valve DM 618: The low overall height in combination with the cast steel body and the modular structure at a very attractive price make it particularly interesting for various application areas.

    The new pressure reducing valve is available in nominal diameters from DN 15 through to DN 100. With a broad variety of elastomers, the soft seal version is suitable for different media such as water, glycol, oil, air, nitrogen, and natural gas.

    The standard DM 618 is furnished with a body of cast steel (GS-C 25/A216WCB). The users receive a sturdy and low-maintenance control valve withstanding inlet pressures of up to 40 bar and featuring very favourable flow dynamics. The medium-wetted internal parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel (1.4404 / SS316L). The closed stainless steel spring cap provides entire protection from accidental contact with the spring.Thus the valve meets the most demanding of customer requirements and compared to valves made of ductile iron it can withstand also higher pressures.

    Thanks to its compact design, the valve’s installation height is significantly reduced and is approx. 25 to 30 percent below those of competitors without the flow rate being restricted. The non-rising adjusting screw ensures precise and easy adjustment of the set value. The proper function of the valve can be easily determined to ensure a simple and trouble-free workflow (easy to check).

    Adjusted control surfaces and springs guarantee high regulating accuracy. The balancing piston keeps the valve virtually independent from the inlet pressure.

    Due to the modular construction, the valve quickly adjusts to changing conditions. The Mankenberg clamp system and a new and innovative plug-in unit ensure user-friendly maintenance. To modify the pressure range, the valve actuation can be easily changed any time.