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Evoguard GmbH

Evoguard GmbH


93149 Nittenau

As a Krones affiliated company, Evoguard can use decades of experience in line construction for the development of their components. In addition, Evoguard can contribute completely new ideas to engineering.

Our comprehensive program of components offers a solution for all tasks in process technology. All valves and pumps meet high safety standards and work absolutely reliably in continuous operation. Evoguard comprises the overall program of all valves required for the operation in a beverage production plant: butterfly valves, single seat valves, double seal valves, double seat valve, aseptic valves, sampling valves and control valves.

In addition to the high-quality valves, Evoguard also offers innovative recirculation pumps for the food and beverage industry and for aseptic applications.

The result is an economic modular component system containing parts which were optimally adjusted to suit the product flow in question