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2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

PLASMADIAM offers a wide range of solutions for the market of vacuum technologies in Switzerland and now is proud to be recognized as a leading solution provider of vacuum equipment since 2009.
AS the Swiss official distributor of Edwards Vacuum Ltd and Gamma Vacuum, we supply products of the highest quality for R&D and industrial applications from primary vacuum to ultra-high vacuum.
Besides, we are the Swiss distributor of Precision Plus, which enable us to provide a wide range of spare parts for all major vacuum equipment from manufacturers such as Pfeiffer Vacuum, Agilent, Leybold, Ritschle, and many more.
In addition to these pumping technologies, you can rely on us for the construction of your vacuum installation, we indeed provide a very wide range of vacuum components, electrical feedthroughs, vacuum optics, valves, gauges, filters as well as custom-built and standard vacuum chambers.

Since 2015, PLASMADIAM is a leading supplier of high-performance PVD and PeCVD coating equipment and technologies. We supply equipment and turnkey package and we are proud to be at the cutting edge of technology thanks to our R&D department.


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    The nXDS has taken scroll vacuum technology to the next level. Improved performance, exceptional pumping capability, quiet operation and extended service intervals make nXDS the ultimate dry choice.