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Wilo Schweiz AG

Wilo Schweiz AG


4310 Rheinfelden

High-tech pumps and pump systems. Customer requirements as a priority.

Wilo is a premium supplier for the building technology, water management and industrial segments. This leading position drives us to stay better. For our customers we make complex technology user-friendly, easy to use, more energy efficient and more powerful.

People are therefore the focus of our actions. We offer outstanding products, system solutions and services.

In building services engineering, we offer both single-family and two-family
as well as high-tech pumps and pump systems for commercial facilities. Multi-family houses are also supplied reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner by Wilo pumps.

Industrial power supply is a very large and economically complex segment that requires highly specialized pumping systems. Wilo has proven itself in this field for decades and has always provided quality solutions to the most demanding constraints.