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5056 Attelwil

VENTRADEX AG Switzerland is a technical trading and engineering company.
Founded in 1980, we are since then active worldwide in supplying the Industry with Industrial Products and Systems.
Our core business contains the trade and consulting with Industrial Valves and related products for media and flow control in pipelines.


Product news

  • BORSIG Desuperheater, max 420 bar/ANSI Class 2500, max. T.+650 Deg.c

    The BORSIG Desuperheater is minimizing vaporization distance - crucial for industrial and utility boilers - the nozzle design is optimized for perfect atomization of the cooling media. An integrated ball valve guarantees tight system isolation to reduce the risk of thermal shocks and minimize steam turbine blade wear associated to water accumulation and valve leakages. The massflow of the cooling media is controlled by a unique rotary movement that guarantees optimal cooling injection covering the entire load range


  • Quadax the absolut tight Quadruble eccentric metallic seated Butterfly valve

    Quadruple eccentric metal seated throttling Butterfly Valve Quadax®, DN 600 with pneumatic actuator and emergency opening of less than 1 second