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avintos AG

avintos AG


4310 Rheinfelden

avintos AG is a leading system supplier in Switzerland in the field of high-quality industrial valves and hoses for the process industry.

By this we mean mainly valves for shut-off and control of liquids, gases and solids in pipelines, as well as systems for sampling from pipelines and containers.

We offer complete solutions for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and power generation and distribution industries. We also serve customers in general industry and in the machine industry.

As part of the company's development, our product range has been constantly expanded. Hose technology and sampling systems were added as further mainstays.

Our newest line of business is avintos ULTRAPURE. It develops and supplies single-use systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The company has been certified according to EN ISO 9001 since 2003 and offers a very wide range of products in the areas of valve and actuator technology, hose technology, sampling systems and single-use systems with a multitude of services that meet the highest requirements for today's process technology in plants and machines.

You too can benefit from our many years of experience, our commitment and our services.


Product news

  • Saunders Aseptic Diaphragm Valves

    PK Saunders® invented and patented the diaphragm valve concept long before the emergence of the Life Science industry. However, the design features present in the original weir type diaphragm valve remain the reasons the aseptic diaphragm valve is recognized as the valve of choice for aseptic applications.

    PTFE Diaphragms

    Saunders® Life Science PTFE diaphragms are robust two piece leaf type. This design uses a wetted PTFE face backed with a fabric reinforced rubber diaphragm. Critical performance factors include: resistence to compression set, mechanical strength, and thermal resistance properties.

    Saunders® has front-to-back ownership of all phases of diaphragm development and manufacture. This includes the sintering and coining of PTFE diaphragm faces as well as the compounding, calendering and compression molding of elastomer diaphragms and backing cushions.