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Plastteknik Business Point

Plastteknik Business Point

A. 06

42131 Västra Frölunda

The leading show in the Nordics of polymer materials, design, processing, production and circular polymer flows.

Plastteknik Nordics is the Nordic business point, where 150 market leading- and visionary startup companies show their latest products and services of polymera material, design, development processing and production procedures. Join the show - the polymer industry gathers for the 10:th time at Malmömässan in Sweden, during two efficacious meeting days; Wednesday and Thursday the 8th & 9th of may 2019.

Plastteknik Nordic is a trade show for everyone working within the plastic- and rubber processing industry. Are you responsible of materials, design and development? Do you want to explore a material of the future and it’s manufacturing opportunities? If yes, this is the meeting place to be! We offer a platform of cooperation where industry associations , research institutes, educational operations and media congregates to discuss the challenges of the industry.

The society needs a meeting place which promote the numerous benefits of plastic and rubber as a material

Plastic products and constructions benefits for a sustainable society through energy saving, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and food waste. Plastic as a material can be very recyclable which contribute to a circular flow. We offer a meeting place where you will be able to create an objective and balanced image of plastic as a material. Our exhibitors and seminars will teach you:

- What makes plastic a great material
- The characteristics of plastic
- Manufacturing methods
- The positive and negative environmental effects of plastics
- How do we increase recycling
- The future of polymer materials