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Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG


76307 Karlsbad

Herrmann Ultraschall is a world leader in ultrasonic welding with five decades of expertise. With our 360° ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING we offer customer-specific support from concept to production and after-sales support. For our customers we are both consultants and solution providers for welding projects. Through our global network, we have ultrasonic laboratories in 18 countries to support you locally.

Ultrasonics can be used for welding, reforming, riveting, swaging, and embedding. It is a fast and economical joining method for thermoplastics. The technology is used for automotive parts, household goods, electronic articles, and medical products.

The advantages of the ultrasonic process over mechanical and other thermal processes are:
- Fast process times
- Low energy consumption
- Tools stay cold
- Good process control
- High reproducibility
- Clean optics
- No consumables

To solve various joining tasks, we offer both manual bench top machines and ultrasonic systems for automation. Options such as sound enclosures, allow a flexible adaptation to every customer need. Our precision ultrasonic tools are set in motion by powerful, fully digital generators up to 6400 watts. The modern control software allows a versatile configuration of the weld process and a complete control of the process. Standardized protocols enable direct communication with higher-level systems. We support data collection, archiving and analysis in the sense of "Industry 4.0" with additional software offers.