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Michael Lundbech A/S

Michael Lundbech A/S

C. 12a

4100 Ringsted

As a toolmaker full of ideas and creativity it is inspiring to work together with article designers and developers.

​It is our goal to create value for you in the development of production, and we often succeed in raising product innovation, resulting in lower production costs.

In the process we exploit the fact that our dynamic master shape system makes it possible to produce even very advanced articles with as few resources as possible.

It saves you both time and money.​

We supply complete tooling for plastic injection moulding, design components for original moulds and plastic blank stock for use in various development phases. We have divided our tool solutions into three categories: Soft Tools, Hard Tools and Pre-Production Tools. Each category is suited to individual stages in the development phase.

​Our experience covers a broad range of niches, plastic materials and tooling solutions.


Product news

  • Inmolding of 3D printed metal parts

    At Michael Lundbech A / S, we have worked with the 3D metalprint technology over for some years and have been looking for an opening where our company has been able to utilize this.
    We are now ready to advise our customers on the technology and its capabilities in combination with injection molding.

    The best of 2 worlds.
    When we combine our know-how within injection molding with the 3D metalprint technology and literally melt them together, a world of possibilities for functionality and design arises.

    The 3D printed item with complex geometries and high strength even at very small wall thicknesses.
    The molded item with surface finish, sealing possibilities and design.

    Should your next product contain a 3D printed metal item?
    Meet us at C12A and get the answer