Seminar on machine setters for the future

Setter for the future

- what competences are required?


 The machine setter of the future needs to have excellent skills to be able to work with several complex processes. To keep the competitiveness within the plastic industry this competence provision. Polymercentrum has been taken a holistic approach on this question. 

Welcome to this half-day conference together with Polymercentrum. Listen to Hans-Erik Strömvall, one the leading educationist within the plastic technology area. He will tell you abolut:


  • How to create robust processes

  • Problem-solving techique

  • Qualitycheck - how to use the injection machine as a tool

  • The digitalization - what does it mean for the work procedure?


Joakim Wiedesheim will also tell you about Polymercentrums' successfully venture of the plastiv industry and the needs of a nationwide network of setters.

It's free to attend the sminar but registration is needed.

Date: 17 may
Time: 10am-12am
Where: Conference room Othello och Ofelia

Last day to sign up: May 11


Registration is needed, register below!