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Eurostatic AB

Eurostatic AB

A 02.

23641 Malmö

We focus primarily on manufacturing industries and companies in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, which in their facilities and manufacturing units have a disadvantage of static electricity and dummy assemblies that are detrimental to what they produce. We also see improvements in the health and safety environment as a growth market.
EuroStatic AB can today offer its services to almost all existing industries. Initially, focus was primarily on the plastics industry, but as synthetic materials and artificial fibers penetrated virtually all industries, we have built up experience for almost all industries. The systems are developed and produced by SWEPRO - Düsseldorf / Neuss in Germany.

Product news

  • Cleaning system for Dust and Particle

    A complete cleaning system (dust reduction, particles and other objects) in manufacturing, packaging and general handling of sensitive products. The system consists of customized cleaning nozzles together with auxiliary hoses, pipes and automation. The systems are delivered as a component or as a complete facility with service agreement.
    The unique thing is that 3 punches are performed in the same unit: anti-static treatment, compressed air coil and vacuum suction.
    Particles are collected in containers or dispatched in Centralsug facility.