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Polykemi AB

Polykemi AB

C 01

27121 YSTAD

Polykemi remain one step ahead by relying on our strength – offering a customized product line with unique, creative solutions. Together with our subsidiary Rondo Plast we can offer recycled materials, standard grades as well as customer adapted material.
We accomplish this through our documented expertise in color matching, multiple reinforcements and fibers in a wide variety of base polymers. Our strategy is to work closely with our customers, guided by our principles: reliability, excellence, superior problem-solving and long-term customer relationships.


Product news

  • Polykemi material to Fiskars snow shovel.

    Demands on strength and stiffness - the chosen material was POLYfill with high glasfibre content.


  • POLYfill HC

    The new generation high performance glasfibre reinforced PP - it can compete with more expensive alternatives.

  • POLYfill TOUCH

    If you look for a material with the right soft touch feeling, excellent schrach resistance and sound absorbtion and with the stiffness of talcum reinforced PP please visit us in our stand.

  • POLYfill HBK

    Your alternative to ABS if you need improved UV- and chemical resistance.

  • An exciting cooperation: Polykemi AB and ELASTO Sweden AB offer customers new possibilities in two component solutions

    Plastic compound manufacturer Polykemi and ELASTO Sweden, the Swedish arm of the Hexpol TPE Family have launched a unique partnership in 2K compounds.

    “Our cooperation means that we offer the market the best solution regarding 2K (two component solutions). 2K offers a solution where a soft TPE adheres to a harder thermoplastic resin. We have a tested concept and will take joint responsibility to ensure our materials result in the best possible end product, explained Polykemi’s sales manager Mattias Persson.

    “By working jointly from the start of a project, we offer customers a complete solution where high competence and confidence are the focus. The collaboration is unique. It gives our customers a great competitive advantage. Our material testing and development means they will know from the start that our materials function perfectly together. But we are never satisfied. We will continue to develop two component solutions together” added Persson.

    “ELASTO's and Polykemi’s way of working and company culture are an ideal match. We have a mutual interest to solve customer’s material needs in the best possible way, together we find the solutions that help our customers become more successful” concluded Karlsson.

  • Polykemi presentation - 3 min

    Polykemi Group - a short introduktion


  • PC/ASA with permanent antistatic function

    By using conductive polymers that form an interpenetrating netwok the static dissapative property is made permanent.