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Elastocon AB

Elastocon AB

D 05

50460 BORÅS

Elastocon manufactures and sells testing instruments for rubber and plastic materials.
In addition we are agents within the Nordic countries for several well known manufacturers of testing equipment for plastic, rubber, metal, textile, paint etc.
We offer instruments for existing test methods and develop instruments for new test methods.

Our objective is to offer instruments with high precision, which gives accurate results.

We can offer the following:

- Instruments
- Calibration
- Testing

The range of instruments includes our own developed instruments as well as instruments from several known instrument manufacturers.


Product news

  • Elastocon exhibit on Plastteknik Nordic

    17-18th May you can meet Elastocon in stand D-05 at Malmö fair.
    Elastocon will show among other things their own developed system for measuring stress relaxation at continuously measurements. This system is constantly during developing with new features.

    Here you can see a nice solution to decrease the workload of the operator during sample preparation. You will not be dissapointed if you stop and try their cutting press!

    Tensile testers are used by many, in this stand you can see one of the new smaller tensile testers from Tinius Olsen as well as a meltindex tester from the same manufacturer. Naturally will the very capable software Horizon be available for demonstration.

    Weather and light ageing, with and without moist is something that all products that is used both inside and outside should be tested for. Here you'll see 2 different instruments from Q-lab, one QUV and one Xe1 as well as the opportunity to discuss the option for external testing of the same.

    Byk-Gardner manufacture equipment for among other things colour measurements and gloss. Several of their instrument is found in this stand, such as a Spectro Guide.

    For those of you that are interested in different solutions for rubber testing, Elastocon is also agent for MonTechs assortment with among other instruments possability to measure viscosity, dispersing and the rheometer that will be shown during the exhibition.

    Here you'll find also instruments from SNOL, Bareiss, Binder and a lot of knowledge available.

    Elastocon will also have a very interesting exhibition offer for balances from Kern. You don't want to miss this stand!