What's it all about?

What’s it all about?

Packaging Innovations

In collaboration with Packaging Innovations Netherlands, Pentawards Live will present the Innovation Expo. This is a space where the top innovators and specialists of materials and technology in packaging, who exhibit at Packaging Innovations, will be given the opportunity to exhibit alongside the world’s top design agencies, for the first time ever.

This will be a place where global thought leaders and creative innovators, across each pillar within the packaging value chain can convene, creating a dialogue to better facilitate collaboration and push the boundaries of what is achievable in packaging, on an international scale.

Pentawards Live
Pentawards Live
Pentawards Live

Selection of our exclusive partners

Exhibitors Penta

Interactive Theatre

This theatre is free to attend for all visitors and will host sessions delivered by a hand-picked selection of local and international design gurus and award-winning rock stars of the packaging design industry.

They will reveal the creative insight and design thinking that has formed the basis of their award-winning work and discuss the biggest challenges they have had to overcome, each forming a topic / theme for the conference.

Following partners will be on stage: Proud DesignVBATDesignBridge and OD Designstudio.

Be ready to be inspired by the future of packaging design!

Register to attend

Pentawards Live is a free-to-attend event with an additional paid-for International Conference. Gain access to the Innovation Expo, Design Intelligence Theatre and Winners’ Exhibit by registering to attend for free.